Jaden Smith is one of the richest celebrity kids and he is also a singer and actor the estimated Jaden Smith net worth is $90 million. Jaden Smith has inherited over $38 million dollars from his parents. Jaden Smith has achieved many successes, including an MTV Movie Award, a BET Award YouTube Creator Award, and a Young Artist Award. Jaden start his musical career with well-known Canadian singer Justin Bieber when he was featured on the 2010 single “Never Say Never”. Jaden starts his acting career with his father in The Pursuit of Happiness at a very young age.

What is Jaden Smith net worth ?

Net Worth $90 Million
Category Richest celebrity kid
Gander Male
Born July 8, 1998
Height 5 ft 7in
Source of Wealth Singer/Model
Nationality America
Place of Birth Malibu


Jaden Smith’s Net Worth

Jaded Smith’s net worth is estimated to be $90 million dollars and earns over $12 million in income each year. Jaden Smith has inherited over $38 million dollars from his parents. So that’s why Jaden is one of the richest celebrity kids.


Net Worth $90 Million
Assets $42 Million
Liabilities & Loans $10 Million
Investments $15 Million
Annual Income $12 Million
Spotify Income $3 Million
Apple Music Earnings $4 Million


Jaden Smith’s money of inheritance

Jaden Smith has inherited large sums of assets from his parents. When Jaden Smith was born, his dad Will Smith created a trust and poured in over $20 million into it. Over the period of years, this trust fund has been invested and is worth over $38 million today.

Jaden Smith’s Movies and his salary

The Karate Kid $3 Million
Skate Kitchen $4 Million
After Earth $5 Million
A Man Named Scott $7 Million
The Pursuit of Happyness $250,000


Exclusive Facts about Jaden Smith

Zodiac Sign Cancer
Favorite Sport Soccer
Favorite Music Artist Kanye west
Favorite Holiday Destination Portugal
 Favorite Fried Chicken
Favorite Color Brown
Favorite Actor Kevin Hart


Personal Life of Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith well-known kid celebrity star and also he is alongside known as a style icon, he is always in the limelight due to his good fashion sense.  And eventually, Jaden parlayed that into a clothing line called MSFTSrep.

Girl Friends of Jaden Smith

According to sources Jaden is in a relationship with Vanessa Hudgens’ younger sister Stella. Later reports came out that Smith was dating Kylie Jenner.

Favorite Quotes from Jaden Smith

“Having girlfriends is… I can’t do it. It doesn’t mean I don’t hang out with girls. It just means that I don’t like being in a relationship because it makes things very complicated. The one piece of advice that I listen to adults on – because I don’t listen to adults when it comes to most things – is that I’m too young to have a girlfriend.” – Jaden Smith

“Be careful with how you make the world perceive you because they’ll perceive you like that for the rest of your life.” – Jaden Smith

“My dad once told me, he was like, ‘The only time you should lie is when someone’s holding a gun to your head and says ‘Okay, lie or I’m going to shoot you.’ And that really stuck with me.” – Jaden Smith

FAQ Section

How much money did Jaden Smith inherit from Will Smith?

$38 Million.

What is Jaden Smith’s worth?

Jaden Smith’s net worth is $90 Million.

How tall is Jaden Smith?

5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters).

Where does Jaden Smith live?

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