Net worth of Jimin

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Net worth of Jimin

Real Name Park Jimin
Date of Birth 13th October, 1995
Place of Birth Heodong-dong Busan, South Korea
Siblings 1 Brother
Marital Status Unmarried
Height 5’ 10.5’
Weight 62 kg
Net worth in 2022 $20 million
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Park Jimin is very well known by his stage name Jimin. Jimin is the shining star of the South Korean boys’ band BTS or Bangtan Boys.  He was born in Heodong-dong Busan, South Korea on 13th October, 1995. He is 26 years old by the year 2021. Jimin’s zodiac sign is Libra. Jimin belongs to a well established family background. 

Net worth of Jimin


Family Background:

 Like all other BTS members, Jimin also have a very small family. His family includes his mother, father and a younger brother. Jimin’s father’s name is Park Hyun-Soo. He has mentioned a couple of times about his father in a positive manner. Jimin’s father owns and runs a cafe in Busan. His cafe is open since 2019. the cafe’s name is ‘Megnate’. He has designed his cafe very beautifully and it is very popular amongst the food lovers of Busan. It is a fact that people in South Korea love to frequent visits to cafes.

Jimin’s father’s Business  

Jimin’s father’s cafe is one of the most famous places of the BTS Army to visit. It is quiet affordable. Jimin’s father has used grey, white and brown colours in his cafe. It has huge windows and seating places for people. The Interior of the café is very stunning and attractive which attracts its visitors to come again and again. Like every eclectic café, this café also have some pop art. Pictures of Hollywood  stars have been placed on walls. The coffee from Kenya, Guatemala, and Ethiopia is also available here and is very affordable. This café is famous for its  Ice cream, coffee and different kinds of desserts.


Jimin has only one younger brother. Jimin’s brother’s name is Prak JiHyun. Jimin’s brother was born in 1998 in Geumjeong District, Busan, South Korea. Park JiHyun has got very immense love and care from his family being the youngest family member. Park JiHyun attended the same school where Jimin studied for his initial education. After the Hodong Elementary School he joined Yonsgan Middle School for further schooling. His education is still continue. Park Ji Hyun likes travelling and singing too. His height is 5’ 7’ and weight is 60 kg. His thin and lean physique hardly can prove that this boy is a food lover and have a very good diet. He is not fond of much artificial looks and that is why he had never died his hair. He preffers his natural looks most. He has a lean physique. His eye colour is dark brown. He has black and straight hair.  

Net worth of Jimin

Education History:

Jimin attended Busan’s Hodong Elementary School for his initial studies. Then he joined Yonsgan Middle School. Jimin graduated in August  2020 from the Global Cyber University Souuth Korea. In 2021, he is enrolled in Hanyang Cyber University. He is doing Masters in Business Administration in Advertising and Media.


He joined BTS in 2013. He made his debut as a member of BTS under the record label Big Hit Entertainment. Jimin will be singing an OST of an upcoming Korean drama ‘Our Blues’. And surely it will be a big hit. Because of Jimin’s OST song, this drama is famous before its release. Everyone is waiting curiously for this drama and its OST as well. Jimin has also earned himself many titles in which Japan’s ‘Generation Z role model’ and ‘Sold out Star’ are commonly known amongst the BTS Army.


 Since 2018 , Jimin has lived with his band mates in Hannam-dong,  Seoul, South Korea. Jimin has purchased a property of worth US $5.3 million, in 2021. He is very well off after joining BTS like all other BTS members. Jimin is living a luxurious life which is a dream for most of the people in the world.

Physical appearance:

Park Jimin has a very handsome boy with height 5’ 9’ and weight 61 kg. All the BTS boys have different colored mics. The color and design represent the person’s goals and personality. Mic colour of Jimin is orange. His eye colour is dark brown. Jimin has brown hairs. His features are enhanced by his brown hair. Jimin has only five piercings. He has piercings on his ears only, two on his right ear and three on his left ear.

Net Worth of Jimin:

Jimin is just 26 but his massive net worth is something that most of us can only imagine of. Like all BTS members with so many opportunities, Jimin also earns a lot. Jimin has an unbelievable net worth. Jimin’s net worth is reported as around $20 million. He is also the only K-pop idol who has touched the top place of the individual Idol Brand Reputation Ranking nineteen times continuously. Jimin has also shares in Hybe. There are also many other activities in which Jimin is involved and earns through them, which is the reason behind his massive net worth. Jimin and the BTS member RM are in the headlines as both of them have bought a flat at Nine One Hannam, which is the so-called Beverly Hills of South Korea. It is also in the headlines that both of the BTS members have paid cash for the flat and it costs around $5.3 millions. Apart from that Jimin has also invested in another flat which is costs $3.9 millions. 

Famous Songs:

  • Permission to dance…
  • Serendipity…
  • Lie…
  • Promise…
  • Filter…
  • Dynamite…
  • Butter…

Jimin’s Social Media Accounts:

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FAQ Section:

Did Jimin go to school with V?


Who is the most educated in BTS?

Now, it has been revealed that BTS leader RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin and V have followed Seokjin’s lead for higher education

Which member of BTS is left handed?

V is Left-handed in BTS.

Is Jimin married? 

No, Jimin is unmarried.

Who is the best friend of Jimin?

V is a best friend of Jimin

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