Kim Seok Jin net worth

Here comes another stunning star of Korean super hit boy’s band BTS, Jin. Kim Seok Jin is also known as his stage name Jin. Jin is a singer, songwriter and member of the South Korean super duper hit boy’s band BTS. Jin was born on 4th December, 1992 in Gwacheon-si, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. JIn is 29 years old by the year 2021. It is not a secret that BTS member JIn’s nick name is worldwide handsome.

Jin Family background

Kim Seok Jin’s family consists of his father, mother and an elder brother. According to some sources Jin’s father is the CEO of a company as well as the owner of one or two restaurants. Miss Korea 1977 is BTS’s Jin’s mother according to a rumor amongst the BTS fans. Ki Sung Hee, the crowned Ms. Korea 1977 was born 1959. BTS fans believed that this mystery woman is the Jin’s mother because of very much resemblance in their faces as well as the age range of Ms Korea 1997 also make it believable for the fans that Ms.Korea 1977 is Jin’s mother.
The two seem to bear much resemblance to one another, Jin has confired that its nothing more than a coincidence as well as he really does not know anything about that mystery woman and he said, ‘she is not my mom but…. I wonder who is she’? Jin’s family is mysterious in the sense that no one exactly knows about the real and actual details of it. However fans remains curious about the supr stars’s facts and figures.

Kim Seok Jin Siblings

Kim Seok Jung is the elder brother of Jin who had introduced himself to the hip-hop world. Jin’s elder brother Kim Seok Jung changes his insta profile name to Kim Butter Daddy. It is quiet enough for the delight and happiness of the BTS fans.

Kim Seok Jin Education History

On 22nd February, 2017 Kim Seok Jin graduated with the degree in Film Studies from the Konkuk University, Korea. Later he enrolled in graduate school at Hanyang Cyber University, to persue his studies other than music.

Kim Seok Jin Career

Kim Seok Jung (Jin’s brother) runs a business with Jin. They are running a restaurant with the name, Ossu Seiromushi. They have already its two branches. 1st branch is near Seokchon lake and the 2nd one is next to Lotte World. Ossu Seiromushi is a traditional Japanese cuisine. It’s a Japanese style restaurant served in wooden steamers, seiro-mushi style. They serve sliced beef and pork including various vegetables and side dishes including octopus, corn and even bone marrow. Jin (BTS) is the director of the restaurant while his brother Kim Seok Jung is the CEO of the chains of their restaurants. Kim Seok Jung was born in 1990. He (Jin’s brother) is 31 years old by the year 2021. Other than running the family business together with Jin, Kim Seok Jung also supports and appreciates Jin with his concerts and schedules. Kim Seok Jung has once been seen or caught with his girlfriend in a BTS concert. Before becoming an idol trainee Jin auditioned for Big Hit as an actor. He joined BTS in 2013. On 13th June 2013 Jin made his debut as one of the four vocalists in BTS with their debut single album 2 cool 4 Skool. On 4th June, 2019 jin released his first solo song ‘tonight’ as part of the 2019 BTS Festa.

Kim Seok Jin Lifestyle

All the BTS members live together in the same house but it does not mean that they don’t have their own houses. They all have their own properties as well. Kim Seok Jin also owned an apartment. According to Business Insider Jin’s apartment  is worth of $1.7 million. Apart from that, Jin has not disclosed any other private information about his lifestyle. Like all other BTS members Jin also is very secretive about his personal life.

Physical appearance of Kim Seok Jin 

Kim Seok Jin has very attractive and lovely physical features. Jin has become trend in social networks for his cute face and attractive physique. Jin’s height is 5’ 10.5’  and his weight is around  63 kg. jin is the second most heighted boy in the BTS members. His natural hair colour is black but he dyes different colours on and off. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. Jin’s eye colour is dark brown. Like other BTS members Jin has also done his piercings. Jin has only two piercings and both of them are on his left ear. No doubt Kim Seok Jin’s cuteness captures the world’s attention.

Kim Seok Jin Net Worth

Jin has a net worth of $20 million. He makes additional money of his producing and song writing credits on some BTS albums. Along with all these, he is involved in a private business with his brother that is a Japanese styled restaurant in South Korea.

Latest about Kim Seok Jin

The septet’s management agency Big Hit Music announced on 19th Marh, 2022 that the super hit BTS singer Kim Seok Jin commonly known as Jin has received a medical treatment to repair the injury on his left hand’s index finger. The company shared that Jin visited a nearby hospital for treatment on Friday,18th March,2022. He consulted the doctors and he was told that he is required a finger surgery as the tendons in the finger had been partially damaged. He underwent surgery to repair his left index finger’s injury. He discharged from the hospital after surgery on Saturday 19th March, 2022 but he will continue to wearing a cast for the time being for stabilization and speedy recovery

FAQ Section:

Who is Kim Seok Jin’s mother?

Kim Seokjin has floored the whole wide world with his looks. Fans dug out pics of former Miss Korea Kim Sunghee wondering if she was the mom of Jin.

What is the name of Jin’s restaurant?

Otsu Seiromushi

Who is Jin’s best friend?

Jin revealed that his and RM’s fathers are best friends

Who is Jin’s girlfriend?

 Jin is publicly single because there is no one that is confirmed to be his girlfriend

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